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Posted by thesinger on March 6, 2008

Did you know that if you use Gmail, you can send yourself an email?


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Random Picture for the day.

Posted by thesinger on February 26, 2008


This is a cute little first and a half cousin of mine, Elijah.


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Good morning all you fine readers.

Posted by thesinger on February 13, 2008

Well, it’s not quite morning, but you at least received the message that I am greeting you with much more vigor than normal, and that I consider you to be very fine readers. (I’m not sure how a reader could be a “bad” reader.)

I am sensing a slightly brainless post coming on about tonight’s activities, what I did today, and some random observations. . . Read at your own risk.

First, I will be attending a normal Wed. evening church service where a layperson will share on the topic with which he has been assigned. This time, the topic is called “Making Life Rich Without Any Money” by Perry Lee Stutzman. I think what we have here is a good mesh between topic and speaker. It will be quite amazing.

I went to school today. I told Mr. Schrock a weak pun that I will tell to you now. (Mr. Schrock really likes puns, btw.) “Why do skunks like Valentines Day so much? Because they’re so sentimental.” End of pun. VERY FUNNY HAHAHAHA. Well, something like that.

I also ate food today. All except one bite of it was very good.

I also felt very tired today since I worked so hard the evening before and because I talked to a dear friend for a very long time last night. . .

Random observation #1: I am anticipating attending Shenandoah Christian Music Camp in the early summer of this year. It is tentative as of yet, but “things” are looking VERY hopeful. . .

Random observation #2:I need to get ready to go to church soon.

Random observation #3:The youth have a Valentines social planned for Friday night. It should be appropriately random. Aren’t all Kansas YG events random?


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Party all day and all night. . .

Posted by thesinger on February 10, 2008

Yup, on Friday night, I attended a Youth Group Volleyball game at Abbyville. It was actually some pretty decent stuff for KS volleyball. There was a small turnout with about 15 to 20 people there most of the evening. (The average youth activity has about 35 kids.)

Afterwards, ryannisly.com/blog and kevinnisly.com/blog and wannabemexican.wordpress.com came to my house where we ate food, talked, partied, etc., I got about 5 to 6 hours of sleep, then went to Arlington, KS, and purchased a dozen donuts and four hulking cinnamon rolls from Carolyn’s Essenhaus. Yup, you guessed it. I was providing the baked goods for another coffee party, this time to be held at Jac and Matt’s house. Kevin, of course, brought his dear friend Edna. For this we were all very grateful. (Weeeelll, maybe Matt wasn’t. . .) So, we devoured all the goods, except one roll, and one pot of coffee and several shots of espresso. It was good times! 🙂

After the goods and the coffee were devoured, we were very bored and very undecided about an appropriate activity for all. This led, somehow, to the question: What kind of games can you play at Wal-Mart? We found a game online called “10-In-10”. We decided that this would be a good way to party randomly in town doing something that most people don’t do regularly, if you see what I mean.


Oh, the prize for the winning team was a free meal at a cheap fast food joint paid by the losers. Unfortunately, ryannisly.com/blog and thesingerman.wordpress.com lost to kevinnisly.com and jacobnisly.com/blog. Too bad, how sad. . . It was random though, and very much fun. 🙂

That evening then I invited myself to jacobnisly.com/blog and wannabemexican.wordpress.com’s house for pizza. Kudos to Rosa for the excellent pizza.

It was a day full of partying and fun. I would most certainly do a repeat of the day if given the opportunity. . . 🙂


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Posted by thesinger on February 6, 2008

yeah, I’ll say. Pain.

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Random Kansas Party Pictures

Posted by thesinger on January 27, 2008

I’m not sure if I feel like writing comments on some of these pictures, so, maybe I won’t on some of them.

Perhaps TheFlyingFatMan could make a nice profit if he sold his abundant fiber. . .?


Technically, this is not a “good” photo. I like it anyway. . .


We played a version of Bible Trivia. My team lost. . . 😦


Kenny was really asking questions regarding my sanity. I think he was a little concerned. . .

We played a balloon popping relay race with two teams. My team lost again. . .


I think perhaps the newest baby (balloon) on the block is a very large one. . .

“The Remains”

We also played another kindof weak game where you attempt to open a Hershey’s Kiss with oven mitts. It was also a relay race, and my team lost, again. . .

Random. . .


People were playing ping-pong and Pool as the need arose throughout the evening.

Yes, Shane is glad to be back from Faith Builders; Dorcas seemed a bit more exuberant then usual most of the evening.

The evening was appropriately random, filled with about 1 hour of committee-planned activities, and the rest was just good old hanging out with the homies.



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Another coffee party!!!

Posted by thesinger on January 26, 2008

The location was different, but the people were same. Matt, Jacob, Ryan, Kevin, and myself were the lucky participants. The location was Kevin’s house. It seemed to be the logical place to have the party, since Kevin recently bought a espresso machine.

I had a cup of straight espresso, a cup of real cappuccino (it was, of course, made with a shot of espresso and a shot of steamed milk) and another cup of regular drip brew. I am highly caffeinated right now, if anybody is wondering.

Matt and Jacob left the party, so Kev, Ryan, and myself are sitting downstairs, either surfing randomly, or posting, or working on a mysterious website that has not been revealed to the public yet. Yes, we are all on separate laptops. Yes, it is a good male bonding experience.

Oh, and getting slightly high on caffeine together is also a very good male bonding experience. Oh, we made some wild/exciting plans for Tuesday lunch at school where we plan to be very cliquish. “But who cares?!” Says Ryan from behind his laptop. I would tend to agree. 🙂

On discussing internet connection speeds, Ryan said, “It doesn’t matter how fast your internet is, it is still not fast enough.”

I think I shall do something else now. Peace out!!!


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Kansas: Random?

Posted by thesinger on January 25, 2008

The answer? Yes. Very. Tonight I’m going to an official youth group activity that was announced with the main activity as “Random”. This could mean that the committee just didn’t know what the activities will be, or, as I prefer to think about it, our Kansasness is showing through again. 🙂 I like to live in Kansas. The homies here are TOPS and there are very few other places I would rather live.

I hope to take my camera (if I don’t forget it) and shoot some pictures of some of our activities. There could be some choice opportunities. . .

In other news, the parents have gone in to PA in preparation for Floyd’s wedding. (I’ll be going next Thurs.) Should be some good times/parties. . .

Gonna run. Got some work that should be done before tonight. . .



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Random rhyming ditty.

Posted by thesinger on January 22, 2008

What a cad
was the dad
when he saw
the sad lad
and forbad him
a tad
of a plaid scratch pad.
The sad lad became very mad, bad, and a tad rad and decided to become a glad nomad.

This is a random ditty that I wrote on a recent boring school day. It had no significance when I wrote it and none should be attached to it in any way. 🙂


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Quote of the day.

Posted by thesinger on January 16, 2008

Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian.
Robert Orben

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