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Today was peaceful.

Posted by thesinger on February 23, 2008

I got virtually no “work” done today, but, I had fun doing nothing. 🙂

In an hour I plan to go out to eat with some of my coffee homies to fulfill the loss that rnisly and I suffered at the hands of Kev and Jac. i.e. We’ll be buying them supper. . .

After the food has taken residence inside my stomach, we kiddos plan to attend a local theater production of Fiddler on the Roof. We hope it will be enjoyable. . .

I am going to do more nothing. . .



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Party all day and all night. . .

Posted by thesinger on February 10, 2008

Yup, on Friday night, I attended a Youth Group Volleyball game at Abbyville. It was actually some pretty decent stuff for KS volleyball. There was a small turnout with about 15 to 20 people there most of the evening. (The average youth activity has about 35 kids.)

Afterwards, ryannisly.com/blog and kevinnisly.com/blog and wannabemexican.wordpress.com came to my house where we ate food, talked, partied, etc., I got about 5 to 6 hours of sleep, then went to Arlington, KS, and purchased a dozen donuts and four hulking cinnamon rolls from Carolyn’s Essenhaus. Yup, you guessed it. I was providing the baked goods for another coffee party, this time to be held at Jac and Matt’s house. Kevin, of course, brought his dear friend Edna. For this we were all very grateful. (Weeeelll, maybe Matt wasn’t. . .) So, we devoured all the goods, except one roll, and one pot of coffee and several shots of espresso. It was good times! 🙂

After the goods and the coffee were devoured, we were very bored and very undecided about an appropriate activity for all. This led, somehow, to the question: What kind of games can you play at Wal-Mart? We found a game online called “10-In-10”. We decided that this would be a good way to party randomly in town doing something that most people don’t do regularly, if you see what I mean.


Oh, the prize for the winning team was a free meal at a cheap fast food joint paid by the losers. Unfortunately, ryannisly.com/blog and thesingerman.wordpress.com lost to kevinnisly.com and jacobnisly.com/blog. Too bad, how sad. . . It was random though, and very much fun. 🙂

That evening then I invited myself to jacobnisly.com/blog and wannabemexican.wordpress.com’s house for pizza. Kudos to Rosa for the excellent pizza.

It was a day full of partying and fun. I would most certainly do a repeat of the day if given the opportunity. . . 🙂


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I’m heading off. . .

Posted by thesinger on January 31, 2008

to the land of PA for my brothers wedding. Because of this fact, I doubt that you will be hearing from me over the weekend. Wonders do happen, though, and there is a slight chance that I will update while I’m there. No guarantees.

I’m flying in with Craig and Rachel tomorrow leaving on a 6:00 flight. It will be “nice” and “chipper”. You could legitimately ask the question why I’m updating at such a busy time of prep? The answer? I’m a very committed blogger. Weeelll, something like that. . .



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Another coffee party!!!

Posted by thesinger on January 26, 2008

The location was different, but the people were same. Matt, Jacob, Ryan, Kevin, and myself were the lucky participants. The location was Kevin’s house. It seemed to be the logical place to have the party, since Kevin recently bought a espresso machine.

I had a cup of straight espresso, a cup of real cappuccino (it was, of course, made with a shot of espresso and a shot of steamed milk) and another cup of regular drip brew. I am highly caffeinated right now, if anybody is wondering.

Matt and Jacob left the party, so Kev, Ryan, and myself are sitting downstairs, either surfing randomly, or posting, or working on a mysterious website that has not been revealed to the public yet. Yes, we are all on separate laptops. Yes, it is a good male bonding experience.

Oh, and getting slightly high on caffeine together is also a very good male bonding experience. Oh, we made some wild/exciting plans for Tuesday lunch at school where we plan to be very cliquish. “But who cares?!” Says Ryan from behind his laptop. I would tend to agree. 🙂

On discussing internet connection speeds, Ryan said, “It doesn’t matter how fast your internet is, it is still not fast enough.”

I think I shall do something else now. Peace out!!!


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Kansas: Random?

Posted by thesinger on January 25, 2008

The answer? Yes. Very. Tonight I’m going to an official youth group activity that was announced with the main activity as “Random”. This could mean that the committee just didn’t know what the activities will be, or, as I prefer to think about it, our Kansasness is showing through again. 🙂 I like to live in Kansas. The homies here are TOPS and there are very few other places I would rather live.

I hope to take my camera (if I don’t forget it) and shoot some pictures of some of our activities. There could be some choice opportunities. . .

In other news, the parents have gone in to PA in preparation for Floyd’s wedding. (I’ll be going next Thurs.) Should be some good times/parties. . .

Gonna run. Got some work that should be done before tonight. . .



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Posted by thesinger on January 20, 2008

And this is a Cow. Yeah, today I attended our biannual Midwinter Teacher’s Gathering. The game we played for recess was called “This is a Pig.” Very intellectually stimulating as well as challenging. 🙂 (weeelll, maybe)

What else should I say. Maybe I should say that I came away from the day with a feeling of ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!!!! INFORMATION OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!! I think you understand the kind of shock I was in.

The parents are gone for the weekend. They left for Perkins, OK this afternoon and will be gone through tomorrow evening. Dad was assigned to preach there, so he is. Funny how that works.

I got home from some semi-aggressive volleyball. It wasn’t all peaceful, or all nice, neat, and orderly, but it was ok. I think I show a very different side of myself and my emotions when I play volleyball than when I am just “hanging out” with the homies. I think the hyper/screamingish side of me is brought forth in all it’s “glory” and sometimes I overdo it. Pain. I am, however, a big fan of lots of enthusiasm during games and feel that properly channeled, the enthusiasm is very “catching”. For instance, tonight, I was playing on an average team. We were playing against a fairly strong team. They called “game point,” but very few (if any) people on our team heard it. The play was contested, and they did a redo on the game point. The score at that point was 5-11. (We were playing games to 11 since we had a lot of people and only one net.) My team was then able to not allow them to score on their game point. We also kept them from making any more points. So, we managed to make a point here, and a point there. (All the while, of course, I was expressing myself and my somewhat ecstatic emotions very freely.) So, the time comes when we tie with them at 10s. We made another point. I was serving at this time, and called out that we had game point. Then, we scored again!!!! And the game was ours!!!!! I very nearly lost it at this point due to my excited jumping, my aggressive hand slapping, and my violent shouting. It was VICTORY over a team that was clearly our superior.

We played the winners of the next game. Peat and Repeat went up the hill. Peat fell down and who was left. Repeat. Correct. So, at the point when they had way more points, and we had not so many points, we made another violent comeback and won that game too. Trust me, there was plenty of emotion going around. I was PUMPED. With the same five man team, we pulled out of another bad point-slump to win the second game. Yes, I got VERY EXCITED! More so than average. (understatement of the day)

I must run. I think I have aptly conveyed to you the amount of excitement I feel when I play a good game of volleyball. 🙂


ps. Most of the information here about my emotions are forms of mild understatement.

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Ah, coffee, (Uummmm. . .) and parties. . .

Posted by thesinger on January 13, 2008

Ah, yes, those go together very well. I/we discovered that after we (Jacob, Ryan, Kevin, Matt, and myself) got together yesterday morning at 9:00 to drink coffee. Yeah, that was the reason to get together. Very shocking? Maybe. But as we are “all” coffee freaks, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to you.

Perhaps, we don’t “all” like coffee as well as the rest. Our dear brother in the Lord, Matthew, is not as fond of coffee as we would like to think he should be, but perhaps with some time and some encouragement, he can learn to like it. I certainly think so.

Ok, I have time to post 5 pictures. So I will. A pic of the party and of the good times:

Ryan, coffee mug in hand, having a grand old time.

Jac, laughing his head off during the ingestion of a bite of donut.

Matt with Kevin cheesing in the background because he placed a coffee mug in front of Matt for the pictures sake. (Btw, thanks Kev for providing the donuts and rolls. They went over very well.)

And, to celebrate our coffee/party spirit on early Saturday mornings, we took a group picture. You will want to notice the heart mug seated in front of Matthew. The hearts symbolize precisely how deeply he feels about coffee: Very! at least, against it. . .

I’ll end with a quote by Kevin regarding (You fill in the space here). “Nothing’s like a hot one on a cold day.”


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Posted by thesinger on January 7, 2008

was this evening and some “unknown” individual forgot to get someone to bring snack. Therefore Justin, head committee guy, tells us to go home and get some food and bring it to his house so we could have a place to party and some food to do it with. So, I busted home and got some ingredients for some food to cook and put into tortillas. Toast was the man, as they say, and took the responsibility to cook up the “mixture”. ‘Twas very good. Ummmmm. . .

While at home I grabbed my camera and thought to myself, I think I will need to shoot some pictures tonight to remember our Kansas “randomness”. So, I did, and shot one picture that made it worth the effort of taking my camera. Enjoy. . .


ps, I really approve of the composition. Totally sets it apart from anything else I shot this evening. . .

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News briefs. . .

Posted by thesinger on January 3, 2008

Kenya is in serious political turmoil. Pray.

On a “slightly” more local level, Benji and Hans Mast are leaving to go attend Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute. It’s just all sadness and gladness at the same time.

I have started school after a rather long and restful break. This also means that I am continuing to practice piano at random and varied households that own a piano. It is good to be playing again and “making much music” after a very long break.

The Anonymous Somebodies are taking a “relaxative” from singing together since Crystal left for Calvary Bible School. We have two more concerts coming up in late February and early March, after which we have no definite plans to sing or not to sing, if you know what I mean.

Songleading at church has been going fairly well and I am enjoying it very much.

I will be taking speech at Pilgrim this next semester under Mr. Schrock. It will probably be a lot of work, but hopefully I can learn the skill of “speechifying” well.

Nothing out of the ordinary is happening this weekend. Work, fellowship, etc., etc., are the norms and I don’t suppose it’ll be any different this weekend.

Such is life. . .


edit: I just got home from a ROCKIN’ evening of volleyball. Hobbs got it together and the level of playing was WOW!!!! Perhaps the most fun volleyball I’ve played in who-knows-how-long. Just WOW!!

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Family Vacation

Posted by thesinger on December 29, 2007

Yup, you guessed it. I’m on family vacation. Everybody is home; the house is filled with fun, laughter, food, and good times; and I haven’t done a stitch of work for the last 36 hours. What a life. It is just nice to be able to kick back once in a while and do absolutely nothing for a change. I love it.

Last night, we had our zenith experience of the Christmas season, (at least Ken Millers kids think so. . .) the tradition of giving gifts. (If that was the zenith, then it can only go down from here. . .) Before we actually unpacked our gifts, we listened to a story tape that was very influential in all of us kids’ childhood, Medieval Mom. One reason we did this instead of the typical Christmas story, was that Craig’s Gf was in attendance. We thought that we would HAVE TO share this little part of our family tradition with her. It was very enlightening for Ra to say the least. . .

Right now, we’re all sitting here in the living room; I’m listening to some trio’s by Haydn and posting, Floyd is drinking some warm beverage of some kind and reading the book he received for Christmas, Craig’s on his laptop doing who knows what (perhaps chatting with Ra?), Loyal is reading the latest cover article of Young Companion to Anja, (we’re all sortof listening in as the inspiration comes) Dad’s doing some random money things, and Mom is looking at the rules of a game called Up-Words, with the hopes of playing soon. So, I think that you are slowly getting the idea of our type of family vacation.

Our home phone ringer is turned off to facilitate more uninterrupted family time. This allows the answering machine to sing a recorded version of “Happy Holidays” to all perpetrators who are trying to interrupt our family time. Take that!!!!

Tonight we will use some gift certificates that some very kind people gave to our family to be used at Sirloin Stockade. Better yet, they will have all-you-can-eat barbecued steak. Yummmmmm!

I think you are beginning to understand why I like family vacations. The food, family, and fellowship are an unbeatable combination.


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