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News briefs. . .

Posted by thesinger on January 3, 2008

Kenya is in serious political turmoil. Pray.

On a “slightly” more local level, Benji and Hans Mast are leaving to go attend Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute. It’s just all sadness and gladness at the same time.

I have started school after a rather long and restful break. This also means that I am continuing to practice piano at random and varied households that own a piano. It is good to be playing again and “making much music” after a very long break.

The Anonymous Somebodies are taking a “relaxative” from singing together since Crystal left for Calvary Bible School. We have two more concerts coming up in late February and early March, after which we have no definite plans to sing or not to sing, if you know what I mean.

Songleading at church has been going fairly well and I am enjoying it very much.

I will be taking speech at Pilgrim this next semester under Mr. Schrock. It will probably be a lot of work, but hopefully I can learn the skill of “speechifying” well.

Nothing out of the ordinary is happening this weekend. Work, fellowship, etc., etc., are the norms and I don’t suppose it’ll be any different this weekend.

Such is life. . .


edit: I just got home from a ROCKIN’ evening of volleyball. Hobbs got it together and the level of playing was WOW!!!! Perhaps the most fun volleyball I’ve played in who-knows-how-long. Just WOW!!


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What a traditional winter Saturday!

Posted by thesinger on December 22, 2007

About everything I’ve done so far today has been extremely traditional for a cold winter Saturday. This morning, I woke up late, (9:30); very traditional. Heard the wind moaning outside my window well and thought how nice I wasn’t at the Youth Chorus work project. Got up, read a book for a while, checked my email, just the normal waking-up kinds of things I do; very traditional. Started getting hungry, so I helped mom get the pancakes on and ready; very traditional. Ate brunch at 11 o’clock with Grandpa in attendance; very traditional. Checked my email, read several more chapters in the book I’m reading, and just had good times; very traditional.

The work part was also very traditional. We did some tree-limb clean-up because of the ice storm that happened two weeks ago and it was COLD!!!; very traditional. (I’m the dude in the yellow hat; also very traditional.)

We bundled up nicely, shivered through it, and even had some fun; very traditional.

We got the work done that we needed to and came inside to drink some of Mom’s wonderful homemade hot chocolate. That warmed and filled us nicely; very traditional.

And here we are. I’m sure that pizza is on the menu for tonight; VERY traditional. And now I’m chatting up a dear friend over the telephone; very traditional.

Tonight there is a volleyball game at Partridge. Tradition would dictate that I wouldn’t go because Dad would say that family time is more important. We shall see.


ps. Photos courtesy of Anja and Loyal, respectively.

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Posted by thesinger on September 24, 2007

I think the title sums it up well. Perhaps I will just give you a rundown of the week ahead.

Monday. It’s almost past, but nevertheless, we had a Anonymous Somebodies rehearsal tonight. (It was swell, as usual.)
Tuesday. Youth event. I had to plan it, and will have to be in charge of it. Pain. I hope it can be a good experience anyway.
Wednesday. Church. Should be moderately boring, but will have to attend anyway. Heard a rumor of a party afterwards, (ahem!!!!) and think that it should DEFINITELY happen. Enough said.
Thursday. Guys only volleyball. Because the girls will be at a Prayer Partners Banquet. That should be a BLAST!!!!!!!!!! I also will hang out with Mr. Stutzman earlier in the evening before I attend the volleyball. Busy busy busy.
Friday. Work all day. In evening leave for a wedding in Arkansas. Drive half the night.
Saturday. Attend wedding. Play Volleyball if tradition holds. . .
Sunday. Go to church. Leave for Kansas. Get not enough sleep.
Monday. Go to work. Feel like a cat that’s been put through ringer washer.

you get the idea


Later: Crystal actually did host a party at her house last night. I am SO thankful that she took this upon herself and followed through marvelously. It certainly was one of the better things that happened to me yesterday. Hey, I even got to sing some cool music that Crystal and Jewel had sitting around. WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!!!

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Kevin is HERE!

Posted by thesinger on August 17, 2007

Ya, teh good man is here. Last night, when we went to the airport to pick him up, he seemed really bushed. Ok, so, actually, ALL of us were bushed. You see, it happened that he had at least one (maybe two, I’m not sure) canceled flight(s), and then the one he actually got on was postponed until really late at night. This meant that he got into Wichita, KS at the “wonderful” time of 2:23 AM. What a joy!!!

So, we were all very bushed! This meant that we didn’t even talk all the way home, we were too tired. Pain.

Another good thing about this whole story is that we got to bed at about 4:00 AM. This morning, when Dad came into my room to wake me up, if felt as though I had just taken a little nap. (He woke me up at 7:00, like normal.) So, all day today I was working at the Seed House with only three hours of sleep under my metaphorical belt. Pain, again.

So, I am tired. Should this surprise you? I think not.


ps. The next time you see Kevin, remind him not to come into Wichita at 2:00 in the morning. It will make us all feel better.

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The Seed Meeting/Work

Posted by thesinger on August 11, 2007

Ya, this will be a work related post. It will also have an excessive amount of pictures. All of them were taken on Thursday, either in staff meeting, or during the day.

It’s time to start the day.


First it’s staff-meeting time.


Everybody is “awake” and “VERY EXCITED”.



This the Clipper Cleaner.


These next two are of the Gravity Table, the second cleaner that we run the wheat over.



For our annual Fall Seed sales meeting, we clean up almost everything in and around the seed house, so that everything looks just “pretty-pretty” for the 250+ customers that come. Here is Luke, doing some final sweeping in the main warehouse area. (Luke helped us for the day of the meeting, since he was on the way home from Mexico. He was teaching English with Floyd and his team.)


One of the hardest things to do is empty the warehouse of pallets/stuff. Here is a picture of our nearly empty warehouse. (YAY US!!!)


Here is Ian picking up barrels of dirt with the forklift.


Ah, one of the benefits of Seed Meeting day is free pop for the employees. I think I drank three cans. 🙂


I failed to get any pictures of during the meeting. (HOW SHAMEFUL, I KNOW!!! But I was busy eating that good food. YUM!) But here is one of after the meeting with rows and rows of empty chairs.


In conclusion, it was a good meeting. We had everything cleaned up in good time and were able to make it a successful meeting. Unfortunately, it turned out to be VERY warm that evening. Like, at the warmest point, it was 96 degrees. Ok, so you must realize that that measurement was taken outside, in the breeze. Inside the warehouse with hardly any breeze and with about 300 bodies, IT WAS COOKING!!! Trust me!! That was probably the most painful part about the evening. Otherwise, it was a good meeting.


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My Constipated/Tired Brain

Posted by thesinger on July 21, 2007

Yeah, I was just noticing how constipated my brain has become. I have not worked my brain very hard since school has let out. I think less and less of important issues in my life, mostly since the vast majority of my awake time is spent at Miller Seed Farms doing physical labor. Do I like the break from thinking and learning? Is it good for me? Is it right for my energies to be focused towards my work? I do realize that most of my life will be spent pursuing a living of some kind. How will I train myself to think even while I am focused on a different goal, the goal of survival. I don’t know this.

At the end of a hard day of work, my tired body/brain does not feel like taking time to think about hard-to-grasp ideas, personal “hot topics”, or church issues. Is this normal? Should it be this way? Is there a better way?

I have come to appreciate school because it’s an excellent way to force myself to think. But I only have one year of school left before I finish high school. I won’t be able to have school as my crutch forever and ever.

In conclusion, I will have to teach myself to think, even when most of my physical efforts will be devoted to surviving on this complicated earth. Could anyone out there who is older and wiser shed some light on this topic? I would appreciate any and all thoughts that you might have.


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Posted by thesinger on July 15, 2007

That is the name of the day that I am writing this on. Why am I writing on this date, and not on any other date? Because I am a busy man who has little time to do random and fun things. I have many things that I save for Sunday afternoons. For example, I could fill up my delicious Sunday afternoon with several activities:
1. I could be singing and working over some Anonymous Somebodies music. This is a very enjoyable activity. The main problems are that I need to be in the right mood, and have set apart a fairly sizable block of time to really absorb what the music is saying.
2. I could be messing around with pictures already on my computer, or creating new ones. This is also a great way to spend leisurely Sunday afternoons.
3. I could be reading. I have several books that Lyle Stutzman loaned to me on music theory and conducting that would be very enjoyable and profitable to read.
4. I could be working and thinking about Youth Group committee kinds of things. This would NOT be a very restful thing or very enjoyable. Therefore, I will attempt to resist even the urge of thinking about it.
5. I could be lying on my bed, listening to some choral, classical, or otherwise nice music. I recently set up two additional speakers in conjunction with the stereo that I have now. They are positioned so that when I lay in my bed, all four speakers are pointed directly at me. One is at the foot of my bed, the second is located at the side of my bed, and the other two are at the other side of the room, pointed in my general direction. So, what I have is a lot a potential for a great swell of sound. I like this. I like this a LOT!!
6. I could be posting some random and generally useless information on my blog. I am doing that now, even as I type. Why am I doing that now? Because Sunday is a day when I am not obligated to go to work. Therefore, I can goof around and do lighter kinds of activities, like posting.

So, this is a rundown of what I can fill up my Sunday afternoons with. There is more that could be mentioned, but I’m feeling the urge to do something else.

Peace out,


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My thoughts on Sunday and Rest.

Posted by thesinger on July 8, 2007

Sunday is a wonderful day. Or is it. . .?

My answer to that question is a heartfelt yes. Without it, we would die of fatigue, exhaustion, and but. With it, we can relax, do nothing except whatever we want to, worship God at church, and have day of rest.

I have been getting much less sleep than I normally do because of wheat harvest. Loyal said that he worked 70 hrs. this last week. I probably worked several hours less than that, but it was close to that number. I had stress with sleeping in church this morning because of being overworked and under slept. Such is the life of a farmer during wheat harvest.

I am happy to report that we are virtually finished with Wheat Harvest 2007. For this, we rejoice greatly and marvel that we got finished before the rain comes that is in the forecast for the early part of next week.

I am finished philosophizing on Sunday and Rest. Thank-you for bearing with this exceptionally boring post.

Here is your random picture of the day.



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Harvest 2007 Cont.

Posted by thesinger on June 26, 2007

In answer to elsalgal91’s question/comment, than no, I don’t actually cut the wheat; Loyal and Floyd run the combines. I do however run the grain cart whenever that is necessary. (A grain cart is large two-wheeled temporary wheat storage device, pulled by a tractor, that the combines can unload onto on-the-go. The grain cart then takes the wheat up to edge of the field and augers it onto a truck or gravity wagon.) I also am a general flunky that sortof does whatever he is told to do. For instance, tonight Mom really needed some help picking green beans. So, I got out of my nice air-conditioned tractor cab, and scooted along the ground, pulling small green things from green plants. What a let down!!! Anyway, harvest is Great!! I love it! I just got finished working 15.9 hours, with lunch and supper on-the-go. I am tired.

Peace out. thesinger

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Welcome to Harvest 2007!!!

Posted by thesinger on June 25, 2007

Am I stoked? I am stoked.

What is harvest? Harvest for us generally refers to the process of the removal of wheat from the field as well as the storage of the wheat in our bins. We raise Certified Seed to sell, therefore, we have a slightly more complicated than the average wheat farmer in Kansas. For instance, (this is sortof obvious, but extremely important anyway), we may not mix varieties of wheat AT ALL. So, we even have to wash and clean out our combines every time we switch to another variety. In some ways the whole Certified Wheat thing is a pain, but in the long run, having an excellent product to offer our customers is very satisfying.

We have been cutting since Wednesday, and I have been extremely busy as a result of that. It seems as though when the wheat is ready to cut, that turns into our only priority. Also since Wednesday, I have not worked less than 12 hours per day. This gives you an idea about the busyness of wheat harvest.

One exceptionally good thing about Harvest is that Mom and Anja make sack lunches for us out in the field every evening that we’re cutting. Generally, that is The Best part of the whole afternoon and evening. You might wonder why? For starters, the food is just Great. (Mom is an excellent cook!!!) Two, we have been working for the whole afternoon without sustenance, and find any kind of stomach-filling activities to be very non-abstruse. (Go look it up.)

So, this may give you a small glimpse into Harvest 2007.

Peace out,


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