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Rest for My Voice

Posted by thesinger on February 21, 2008

Today was the first day in six days when I didn’t have a rehearsal or a concert.
Yesterday I sang at the funeral and graveside.
Tuesday, I attended a Kansas Youth Chorus rehearsal.
Monday, I attended a Reno Choral Society rehearsal where we rehearsed Messiah, by Handel.
Sunday, I sang at my brother’s “second wedding” to use Loyal’s terms.
Saturday, the A.S. practiced the music for my brother’s “second wedding”. (This is when the A.S. found out he was engaged, btw.)
Friday, a random quartet consisting of Shane, Karen, Rosene, and myself, sang at the Youth Valentines Banquet.

My singing schedule is rarely as intense as it was this week–for this I am very grateful–but when it does happen, I joyfully step onto the stage and sing my heart away!!!!!! Vocal rest, though, is something I do appreciate when it occurs.

I am planning to attend a Bible Study at Gary Millers tonight and will have to finish this post speedily to achieve physical cleanliness and still get to the Study on time.




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Posted by thesinger on February 20, 2008

Today was Evie’s funeral. It was a God-honoring funeral, but as funerals for relatives normally go, it was quite exhausting. I didn’t catch on how tired I was until I climbed into my nice Accord and drove home. Sigh. . .

I assisted with the special singing during the service and burial, even though it was mildly strange to sing during the funeral of a cousin. God allowed the tears to come during the family share time before the service and held them back during the service/viewing. Praise the Lord!

School resumes again tomorrow which is good, but not so good if it hits you in the face like an aqueous towel. A slight dripping sensation down the front of the chest is not often solicited.

May your life be filled with stupendous joy in Christ,


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