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I’m Home.

Posted by thesinger on February 5, 2009

I am tired. It has been a long day. I got up this morning in Bucharest, Romania at 4:15 AM and flew to Dusseldorf, Germany. We left Dusseldorf, Germany at 11:30 AM for Chicago, Illinois, USA. We arrived in Chicago at 1:30 PM, “two hours” after we took-off. . .  As of this writing, I have been awake for 23 hours and 35 minutes. The sun has shone all day. It has been a long day.  I am tired.


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Posted by thesinger on February 20, 2008

Today was Evie’s funeral. It was a God-honoring funeral, but as funerals for relatives normally go, it was quite exhausting. I didn’t catch on how tired I was until I climbed into my nice Accord and drove home. Sigh. . .

I assisted with the special singing during the service and burial, even though it was mildly strange to sing during the funeral of a cousin. God allowed the tears to come during the family share time before the service and held them back during the service/viewing. Praise the Lord!

School resumes again tomorrow which is good, but not so good if it hits you in the face like an aqueous towel. A slight dripping sensation down the front of the chest is not often solicited.

May your life be filled with stupendous joy in Christ,


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Good morning all you fine readers.

Posted by thesinger on February 13, 2008

Well, it’s not quite morning, but you at least received the message that I am greeting you with much more vigor than normal, and that I consider you to be very fine readers. (I’m not sure how a reader could be a “bad” reader.)

I am sensing a slightly brainless post coming on about tonight’s activities, what I did today, and some random observations. . . Read at your own risk.

First, I will be attending a normal Wed. evening church service where a layperson will share on the topic with which he has been assigned. This time, the topic is called “Making Life Rich Without Any Money” by Perry Lee Stutzman. I think what we have here is a good mesh between topic and speaker. It will be quite amazing.

I went to school today. I told Mr. Schrock a weak pun that I will tell to you now. (Mr. Schrock really likes puns, btw.) “Why do skunks like Valentines Day so much? Because they’re so sentimental.” End of pun. VERY FUNNY HAHAHAHA. Well, something like that.

I also ate food today. All except one bite of it was very good.

I also felt very tired today since I worked so hard the evening before and because I talked to a dear friend for a very long time last night. . .

Random observation #1: I am anticipating attending Shenandoah Christian Music Camp in the early summer of this year. It is tentative as of yet, but “things” are looking VERY hopeful. . .

Random observation #2:I need to get ready to go to church soon.

Random observation #3:The youth have a Valentines social planned for Friday night. It should be appropriately random. Aren’t all Kansas YG events random?


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What a traditional winter Saturday!

Posted by thesinger on December 22, 2007

About everything I’ve done so far today has been extremely traditional for a cold winter Saturday. This morning, I woke up late, (9:30); very traditional. Heard the wind moaning outside my window well and thought how nice I wasn’t at the Youth Chorus work project. Got up, read a book for a while, checked my email, just the normal waking-up kinds of things I do; very traditional. Started getting hungry, so I helped mom get the pancakes on and ready; very traditional. Ate brunch at 11 o’clock with Grandpa in attendance; very traditional. Checked my email, read several more chapters in the book I’m reading, and just had good times; very traditional.

The work part was also very traditional. We did some tree-limb clean-up because of the ice storm that happened two weeks ago and it was COLD!!!; very traditional. (I’m the dude in the yellow hat; also very traditional.)

We bundled up nicely, shivered through it, and even had some fun; very traditional.

We got the work done that we needed to and came inside to drink some of Mom’s wonderful homemade hot chocolate. That warmed and filled us nicely; very traditional.

And here we are. I’m sure that pizza is on the menu for tonight; VERY traditional. And now I’m chatting up a dear friend over the telephone; very traditional.

Tonight there is a volleyball game at Partridge. Tradition would dictate that I wouldn’t go because Dad would say that family time is more important. We shall see.


ps. Photos courtesy of Anja and Loyal, respectively.

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Two down, two to go.

Posted by thesinger on December 1, 2007

After one Nine Lessons concert, and one AS concert, my voice is in good, but tired, condition. This is a praise item, because rest can make all the difference for a tired voice. Therefore, Laters!!


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It’s the weekend; TIME TO PARTY!!!

Posted by thesinger on November 9, 2007

Yessirrr. I think this week will go down in the annuls of history as being a tiring, wonderful week of hanging with the homies. I choose not to bore you with the details, but I will tell you that I hung out with some of the youth on Tue., Wed., Thur., and now tonight. This is good, but it’s also tiring.

Tonight, Mikey913 and his rockin’ sunday school class, (read: a bunch of aggressive young homies) will be getting together to camp. This is like, party, party! Party!!!! YESSS!!!

Feel the rhythm, feel the ride, it’s BOBSLED TIME!!!!!!!


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Posted by thesinger on September 24, 2007

I think the title sums it up well. Perhaps I will just give you a rundown of the week ahead.

Monday. It’s almost past, but nevertheless, we had a Anonymous Somebodies rehearsal tonight. (It was swell, as usual.)
Tuesday. Youth event. I had to plan it, and will have to be in charge of it. Pain. I hope it can be a good experience anyway.
Wednesday. Church. Should be moderately boring, but will have to attend anyway. Heard a rumor of a party afterwards, (ahem!!!!) and think that it should DEFINITELY happen. Enough said.
Thursday. Guys only volleyball. Because the girls will be at a Prayer Partners Banquet. That should be a BLAST!!!!!!!!!! I also will hang out with Mr. Stutzman earlier in the evening before I attend the volleyball. Busy busy busy.
Friday. Work all day. In evening leave for a wedding in Arkansas. Drive half the night.
Saturday. Attend wedding. Play Volleyball if tradition holds. . .
Sunday. Go to church. Leave for Kansas. Get not enough sleep.
Monday. Go to work. Feel like a cat that’s been put through ringer washer.

you get the idea


Later: Crystal actually did host a party at her house last night. I am SO thankful that she took this upon herself and followed through marvelously. It certainly was one of the better things that happened to me yesterday. Hey, I even got to sing some cool music that Crystal and Jewel had sitting around. WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!!!

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