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Cutting Wheat!

Posted by thesinger on June 25, 2008

Yup, that’s right! Since Monday, I’ve been a full time combine operator. This is a good time; a REALLY REALLY GOOD TIME! AC-Comfort-People who jump to your wishes-A position of importance- You get the idea. Since I’ve been approx. 12, I’ve been working my way up the proverbial ladder of jobs and am now “near the top” of the available harvest jobs. It’s a Really Really Good Time!!


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My thoughts on Sunday and Rest.

Posted by thesinger on July 8, 2007

Sunday is a wonderful day. Or is it. . .?

My answer to that question is a heartfelt yes. Without it, we would die of fatigue, exhaustion, and but. With it, we can relax, do nothing except whatever we want to, worship God at church, and have day of rest.

I have been getting much less sleep than I normally do because of wheat harvest. Loyal said that he worked 70 hrs. this last week. I probably worked several hours less than that, but it was close to that number. I had stress with sleeping in church this morning because of being overworked and under slept. Such is the life of a farmer during wheat harvest.

I am happy to report that we are virtually finished with Wheat Harvest 2007. For this, we rejoice greatly and marvel that we got finished before the rain comes that is in the forecast for the early part of next week.

I am finished philosophizing on Sunday and Rest. Thank-you for bearing with this exceptionally boring post.

Here is your random picture of the day.



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Harvest 2007 Cont.

Posted by thesinger on June 26, 2007

In answer to elsalgal91’s question/comment, than no, I don’t actually cut the wheat; Loyal and Floyd run the combines. I do however run the grain cart whenever that is necessary. (A grain cart is large two-wheeled temporary wheat storage device, pulled by a tractor, that the combines can unload onto on-the-go. The grain cart then takes the wheat up to edge of the field and augers it onto a truck or gravity wagon.) I also am a general flunky that sortof does whatever he is told to do. For instance, tonight Mom really needed some help picking green beans. So, I got out of my nice air-conditioned tractor cab, and scooted along the ground, pulling small green things from green plants. What a let down!!! Anyway, harvest is Great!! I love it! I just got finished working 15.9 hours, with lunch and supper on-the-go. I am tired.

Peace out. thesinger

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Welcome to Harvest 2007!!!

Posted by thesinger on June 25, 2007

Am I stoked? I am stoked.

What is harvest? Harvest for us generally refers to the process of the removal of wheat from the field as well as the storage of the wheat in our bins. We raise Certified Seed to sell, therefore, we have a slightly more complicated than the average wheat farmer in Kansas. For instance, (this is sortof obvious, but extremely important anyway), we may not mix varieties of wheat AT ALL. So, we even have to wash and clean out our combines every time we switch to another variety. In some ways the whole Certified Wheat thing is a pain, but in the long run, having an excellent product to offer our customers is very satisfying.

We have been cutting since Wednesday, and I have been extremely busy as a result of that. It seems as though when the wheat is ready to cut, that turns into our only priority. Also since Wednesday, I have not worked less than 12 hours per day. This gives you an idea about the busyness of wheat harvest.

One exceptionally good thing about Harvest is that Mom and Anja make sack lunches for us out in the field every evening that we’re cutting. Generally, that is The Best part of the whole afternoon and evening. You might wonder why? For starters, the food is just Great. (Mom is an excellent cook!!!) Two, we have been working for the whole afternoon without sustenance, and find any kind of stomach-filling activities to be very non-abstruse. (Go look it up.)

So, this may give you a small glimpse into Harvest 2007.

Peace out,


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