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Posted by thesinger on December 20, 2007

Here are “several” pics from the snowboarding trip. I know that this is kindof a shock to you, but with enough faith you can get over anything.

Anja is feeling very excited.

Kevin, on the bus, ready to hit it.

Austin, on the bus, (holding my board) ready to hit the slopes.


Yeah buddy. HU HU!!!!

Austin, ripping up a fresh line.

This is Loyal, (believe it or not) ripping up another fresh line. Check out the huge plume of powder that he’s whooshing around.

If Canon is good in KS, then Canon is good in the snow. . .

Random snowshoer who I talked to and asked if I could shoot his picture as he was walking down the mountain. He kindly agreed, and here we are.

The next three are some random candids that were taken in the evenings.



I took the next two on a beautiful, bright, and mostly cloudless morning. Enjoy.


Yours truly, with my wonderful board.

Loyal and Bruce, bro and cousin, respectively.

Austin, doing his deed on the rainbow.

Here’s a group picture.

Andrew, going for some AIR!

Leroy, doing his deed on a kicker.

Loyal, jumping the same kicker.

We generally sit together at one honking big table for lunch. We met and ate at the top of the gondola which is that building on the crest of the mountain in the second scenery picture. (Have I confused you yet?)

Bruce and Nate did a lot of filming. Therefore, it is only appropriate that I donate some space on my blog to acknowledge the hard work they did.

The last evening we had a singalong time with Bruce and Austin. Both had their guitars along. We had GOOD TIMES that evening.

Well, that’s all. I hope you enjoyed the “trip.”

Peace in the valley,



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Link to wonderful post.

Posted by thesinger on December 18, 2007

“A typical day on the slopes” is written by none other than Kevin Nisly, who is a third time boarder and fellow partner in crime.

Please, do go ahead and read his summery of a day on the slopes. It is written quite well!


pictures? we’ll see.

ps, the Anonymous Somebodies will be singing at the Christmas Banquet tomorrow night. ‘Twill be a lot of fun.

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Just got our internet back.

Posted by thesinger on December 17, 2007

We got home from snowboarding on Saturday evening, and were greeted by LaVon, Twila, and kids because they needed a slightly warmer environment to live in. (They were and still are out of electricity due to a massive ice storm that took out many power lines, including ours. We just happen to have a generator.)

The snowboarding was just ROCKIN!!! I feel that I honed my skills, and had a lot of fun shredding it up. I think my favorite run was a mostly untracked black that had at least 1.5 feet of fresh powder on it. It was so nice. For you boarders out there, it was the kind of trail and snow that you could just point it straight down, lean back on your back foot, and let her fly!!!!!! What sublime happiness.

Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you will get some random pictures of the trip. I did not spend hours and hours photographing the mountain because there was too much to powder to shred, but I might have several people pictures that may be worth showing the world. We’ll see.

Peace in the valley,


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Sore, tired, but very stoked!!

Posted by thesinger on December 11, 2007

This has been a great day of boarding. Oh, and it’s doing the snowing number out on the mountain. We cut several lines off of Storm Peak that were absolutely gorgeous. Trees, powder, aspens, the whole works. What a party. Oh, and it’s puking out there. What a life.

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking my camera so that I can capture some of the beauty. Should be just great.

Peace on the mountain!!


ps, did I mention that it’s snowing?

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Off to bed.

Posted by thesinger on December 10, 2007

So that I can feel inspired to go to Steamboat Springs, CO in the morning. We are leaving at the bright and early hour of 5:00 AM. Should be a party.

Peace in the valley,


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